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Feb 20, 2012
@ 3:08 pm
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My Artbook is FINALLY finished!! »

by ~vantageinhouse

After two years, I’ve FINALLY decided to do an 8 Bit artbook — featuring more than 200 designs, it’s gonna be a MUST HAVE for fans of pixel art, comics and pop cultural characters!  Available about mid-March through Indyplanet, this 28pg, landscape-style book retails for $15.99, but I’m offering a PRE-ORDER SALE taking nearly 30% off!  That’s ONLY $10 (+shipping)!  

BUT WAIT — THERE’S MORE!!  All pre-orders received BEFORE March 14th will get 3 FREE 8 BIT PRINTS (4.25x5.5” — retails for $5 ea for a total of $15)

Email me at to place your order!

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